Know yourself in the One Light where the miracle that is you is perfectly clear.  -A Course in Miracles 
  1. Sunday
    9:30 am 11:00 am
    LPY Vinyasa* Lifetime Athletic, Roseville LPY Yin Lifetime Athletic, Roseville
  2. Monday
    8:15 am 9:30 am
    LPY Roots Lifetime Athletic, Roseville LPY Vinyasa* Lifetime Athletic, Roseville
  3. Tuesday
    6:00 am 4:30 pm 5:45 pm
    All Levels Power Vinyasa Zuda Yoga, Roseville LPY Roots Lifetime Athletic, Roseville LPY Vinyasa* Lifetime Athletic, Roseville
  4. Wednesday
    9:30 am
    LPY Vinyasa* Lifetime Athletic, Roseville
  5. Thursday
    6:00 pm
    Vinyasa Flow Arden Hot Yoga, Sacramento
  6. Friday
    12:00 pm 4:30 pm
    All Levels Power Vinyasa Zuda Yoga, Roseville Slow Flow Zuda Yoga, Roseville
  7. Saturday
    Sabbath Saturdays

yoga love. 
a piece of my story...

My first yoga experience was a result of my teenage insomnia and my mom’s Crunch Fitness yoga DVD… and while I felt absolutely ridiculous, something about it kept me coming back.  I wore that DVD out, and decided to explore more.  I visited studios, different teachers, online classes… until my search led me from my small town outside of Fresno to Sacramento, where I dropped out of school for a little bit and completed my first 200-hour teacher training.  This is when my practice truly began.  The practice I fell in love with helped my fall in love with myself. 
The path has not been easy, but I continue to show up every day because I believe with my entire being that this is a path to true healing—healing of the soul.  Yoga has given me the courage to face my deepest fears and tear down the walls that hold me back from being all I know I am, a Warrior.  It’s not just a cessation of the habits that are a reflection of our own internal struggles, but a journey to reconnect to the parts of ourselves that we lose as we walk through the fires of life.  I have and continue to find hope every time I hit the mat.  The sweat, the breath, the community reminds me that I am whole, I am ALIVE!  When I step into the studio to teach, my wish is to provide an experience based on what inspires me, in hope that it will inspire others as well.  Poses that empower, music that moves, space to listen and feel...

I teach to heal, and be healed.  

private yoga sessions
refine your flow.  build confidence. get upside down. one on one attention.  all eyes on you... in the most loving way possible.  

group yoga
i like parties. yoga theme parties are even better. 
bring yoga to your freinds, families, co-workers.  i go where you are.  

spiritual counsel.
nutritional guidance.  
intuitive readings.
feel better in your body, your lifestyle choices, create changes that last.  because you're worth it.  i believe in you. now lets get you believing in you. 

available for: 

find your own fierce grace
it starts on the inside. 
oh... and you're worth it

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